“Anything That Goes Beyond the Conceptual Sphere But Still Attracts the Reader Can Be Regarded As Creative Writing”

Creative writing is something very unique and imaginative but at the same time very
inspiring, that transcends beyond the traditional form of literature. Creativity is not a result of
magic but it comes out of one’s deep imagination and critical thinking.
Creative writers are very diverse in their interests, they change ordinary things into something
very extraordinary .They express their feelings through poetry, speeches, plays, songs, fiction
etc. They bleed out influential words which have enough power to change the whole word.
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In today’s world, this is a most flourishing and a most thriving discipline. It has an immense
effect on academic and professional career of a person as well as on the entire society. UAE
is becoming the business hub so for a person to be creative is a must requirement.


In student life
In a student’s life it helps to develop an ability of self-expression. A creative student is not
only a good writer but also a good reader as well as a critical thinker.
In professional life
A person’s professional image can also be improved or deteriorated depending upon his
writing and communication ability. A person who is not good in writing, May also be not
good at speaking, as a result people assume him to be less efficient and less professional.
In society
We have always heard that


It’s true without any doubt because a single word can make you laugh, a single word can
make you cry, a single word can break apart, and a single word can assemble and a single
word can uproar an entire society. All this comes out with a thought .We get a thought, we
express it through our words and we get the results before our eyes. Thus the power of the
words is very tremendous.

However, the fact is not everyone is capable to write creatively. Either it’s a student or a
professional person, they cannot handle creative writing perfectly. So we are helping students
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