If people like you they will listen to you but if they trust you they will do business with you!

A good business tries to develop trust among the public with the help of their sales kit. It is of
extreme importance in both cases, either you are offering a product or a service. It comprises
promotional material, audio/video tapes and CDs. It may also have some written printed material
to inform the customers about their product or service. If a representative of the company is
supposed to give a presentation somewhere then the perfect sales kit will help to raise the sales,
in fact, it can get doubled.
We are proud to offer the services of our professional and qualified writers to write an
impressive and trust building kit for companies in UAE. At helptowrite.com get the services of
personals who have command on developing it by using different persuasion techniques and
appealing language skills.
It’s not the customer’s job to remember a product or service, it’s your responsibility to
assure that they don’t have a chance to forget that product or service…!

Today, the market environment is more competitive and when it comes to UAE, competition is
sky high. This statement becomes more obvious in case of new product. If a company is going to
launch a new product then allow us to fulfill the requirements. The sales kit we develop will
surely force the customer to buy the newly launched product or service. It will surely serve a
good sales volume.


  1. New product It is needed in the case, new product or service is to be launched.
  2. To increase sales Not only in the case of new products or services but it is also developed to increase
    the sales of existing products.

What we offer…!

  1. Presentations We can develop an effective presentation for in case of seminars.
  2. CDs We can prepare CDs containing informative material that a company can circulate among the general public.
  3. Written material Any kind of written material like pamphlets or anything else is demanded from us, we will provide in with high quality.


We have the writers with more persuasive writing skills, and it is not necessary that good
businessmen is also a good writer, so in that situation, we are here to write a persuasive.

  • Sales kits developed by us always calls for action.
  • Our writing leave an unforgettable image of product or service in customer’s mind. They
    will surely not forget product or service.
  • We write it short and convincing.
  • We provide with an attractive title page for written material as if the title page is not
    attractive, then who will bother to read the facts stated.
  • Monitor the sales kit development by being touch with the writer.
  • Our prices are most affordable in UAE.
  • We offer full-time support.